Representatives from The Midlands Air Ambulance were in school again this week, this time to deliver CPR and Bleed Control training to students in Seward House.

Year 9-12 students were offered the opportunity to participate in the 1 hour and 15 minute training session with a qualified paramedic.

Thirty students were firstly trained in basic CPR. Essential skills were taught before they practiced on smart CPR training dummies. Data was gathered from the dummies that allowed students to analyse their technique.

Following this, students were taught skills that would enable them to better assist should they encounter somebody who has suffered a trauma resulting in a significant bleed.

Students involved in the training are to be awarded certificates of competence. Also, the school will receive a Bleed Control Kit and, importantly, all students involved are now much more confident in their ability to assist should the need ever arise.

Richard Havill, Head of Seward House said: “We have developed a fantastic relationship with The Midlands Air Ambulance. This CPR training event follows a successful Seward House week which saw The Midlands Air Ambulance lead an assembly and bring a helicopter into school. Our work with charitable organisations allows students the opportunity to further develop their character with a view to them becoming actively involved in public life as adults.”