We wanted to share with you the latest labour market information for Staffordshire and the West Midlands as it helps us all to think about the future work destinations for the students currently at The Friary School. It would be great to think that they remain in our local area and make a difference to our community.

The local picture suggests that unemployment in our area is at 4.3% – so above the national figure of 3.8% – which shows the need for good qualifications is critical in our locale.

Our local average income is £28,730 per year, average weekly working hours are 31.7hrs, and 11.7% of workers are self-employed.

The main jobs in our area at the moment are retail, health and social care, manufacturing, education, and administration.

Moving forward, there are an extra 88,000 jobs coming to our area by 2024 and the biggest growing sectors are health and social care, construction, support services, transport and storage, and professional services.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The reality is that a strong set of qualifications is critical for success in the job market and we work to ensure all students have a pathway that equips them with the grades to step up. The evidence is that the jobs will be there, but we have to make sure we help every child to get the grades, skills and confidence to access them.”

If you would like to see the local and national picture on Labour Market Information then you can view it here.