We continue to run focused classes for different groups of students after-school and this week saw the Geography Department in full swing.

The sessions vary in format and are targeted at different groups of students; it may be a booster class, a support session, a masterclass. The sessions are determined by current performance and priorities in the subject area and they build students up to the formal exam sessions in Year 10 upwards.

The sessions are spread through the school year, act as a valuable taster for revision and study skills, and work around our capacity bearing in mind exam classes are prioritised at key times.

The most recent session was a Year 9 Geography Masterclass which considered questions and responses related to the impact of plastic waste on our oceans.

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Parents should not worry if their child is not selected, or indeed if they are. We work hard to support every child, we don’t forget any, or leave any behind. This is just a case of us working to build up students skills, enthusiasm and resilience for the rigours of study.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We have the homework clubs in the library each evening, the exam boosters, and Saturday Schools, so there is no doubt that every child will be involved in this sort of activity at some point in their Friary career. Our teachers go the extra mile, and this is about targeting our time and resources where we can make a real difference.”