Darwin won the House Independent Learning Challenge Quiz courtesy of 8D2 in a dramatic tiebreaker.

The winning quiz team consisted of Joe Swindells and Meg Mathias, who earned their tutor group 50 House Points.

Both 8G1 (2nd place) and 9D2 (3rd place) matched the winning score of 80% but fell just short in the tiebreaker.

A total of 19 KS3 tutor groups entered the competition, which saw students using their independent research skills to study the workings and history of the UK Parliament.

This was to coincide with ‘UK Parliament Day’ Focus Week.

Could you have done better? Test yourself with the questions below – answers at the bottom!

1) In what London borough are the UK Houses of Parliament?
2) Who is the United Kingdom’s Head of State?
3) What is the name of the current UK Prime Minister?
4) How old do you have to be to vote in UK general elections?
5) In what year did the law change to allow women to vote: 1918, 1928 or 1938?
6) The Houses of Parliament are made up of two Houses. One is the House of Lords. What is the other called?
7) The Conservative Party are currently in government. Who are the main opposition party?
8) How many Members of Parliament, or MPs are there: 150, 350 or 650?
9) According to a Radio 4 poll, which British Prime Minister was voted the best of the 20th century?
10) Who was the first female Prime Minister of the UK?
Tiebreaker: According to the BBC, how many votes were counted in the Lichfield consistency at the 2019 UK General Election?

ANSWERS: 1) Westminster, 2) The Queen (Elizabeth II), 3) Boris Johnson, 4) 18, 5) 1928, 6) House of Commons, 7) Labour, 8) 650, 9) Winston Churchill, 10) Margaret Thatcher, Tiebreaker = 53,993