The Garrick House Celebration Assembly for Autumn 2019 had lots to celebrate and a long list of students received awards for their dedication to school life.

The most prestigious award was the House Full Colours and these were granted to Poppy Newton and Kieron Garcha.

Elsewhere, Half-Colours were awarded to Alice Blackwell, Bread Prince, Bryony Stephenson, Isaac Brodie and Harriet Dadds.

The full list of award winners is:

Academic Progress Awards:

Year 11 Dylan Ashmore, Kieron Garcha, Shuyeb Khan, Connor Forbes, Yulan Abela-Filer, Mollie Weedon, Poppy Newton, Georgia Piper

Year 10 Brad Prince, George Greenslade, Ethan Hill-Breese, David Niven, Bryony Stephenson, Ellie Clarke, Martha McRobinson, Emily Ison

Year 9 Archie Williamson, Jake Meakin, Isaac Brodie, Kieron Pontin, Isobel Allman, Alexandra Rumbold, Mary Hughes, Isabel Ainsworth

Year 8 Kristers Leoskis, Cameron Wright, Ben Fairchild, Jack Martin, Evie Roberts, Ava Niven, Harriet Dadds, Felicity Stephenson

Year 7 Adam Turley, Harry Cooksey, Campbell Rowe, Jayden Pilbeam, Sophie Bryant, Jessica Jones, Abbie Sugden, Emmy Johnson

100% Attendance Awards:

Year 11 Jacob Foster, Kieron Garcha, Connor Harvey, Euan Holt, Shuyeb Khan, George Riley, Jacob Swann, Hollie Grove, Mia Lowe, Isabelle Metcalfe, Lily Morgan, Georgia Piper

Year 10 Toby Farmer, George Greenslade, Flynn Mulligan, Evie Hulme, Bryony Stephenson

Year 9 Isaac Brodie, Declan McDonagh-Smith, Jake Meakin, Tommy Murphy, Kieron Pontin, Oscar Rowe, Archie Williamson, Isabel Ainsworth, Isobel Allman, Bethany Davies, Amy Goring, Mary Hughes, Jennifer Huskisson, Lily Kennedy, Aisha Ratnasabapathy, Amy Roberts, Alexandra Rumbold

Year 8 Owen Adams, Jack Martin, Matthew Taylor, Harriet Dadds, Lauren Mace, Meg Mathias, Amelia Minihane, Katie Newton, Evie Roberts, Demi Sugden
Year 7 Oliver Arrowsmith, Daniel Bland, Lewis Dickinson, Issac Minihane, Joe Murphy, Oscar Singpradang, Joe Swann, Luke Tipper, Maison Walker, Zara Allman, Elizabeth Dale, Rose Isaacson, Emmy Johnson, Phoebe Marsh, Abbie Sugden

Behaviour Awards:

Year 11 Jacob Foster, Jackson Wallace, Dylan Ashmore, Jay Cutler, Connor Forbes, Mia Conway, Libby Johnson, Lily Morgan, Poppy Newton, Georgia Piper, Diana-Silvana Signer, Isabelle Smith, Charlotte Taylor, Alice Blackwell, Hannah Fishwick, Mia Lowe, Isabelle Metcalfe, Amy Tonks

Year 10 George Greenslade, Joseph Harrison, Keean Hopwood, David Niven, Brad Prince, Ethan Hill-Breese, Imogen Fernihough, Emily Ison, Emma Law, Bryony Stephenson, Emily Turner, Evie Hulme, Martha McRobinson

Year 9 Isaac Brodie, Harry Parton, Kieron Pontin, Will Heaton, Jake Meakin, Tyler Minton, Archie Williamson, Holly Cutland, Mary Hughes, Beth Kingston, Aisha Ratnasabapathy, Emily Shelley, Amy Twinney, Isabel Ainsworth, Isobel Allman, Megan Farnworth, Amy Goring, Harriet Hill-Breese, Alex Hornsby, Courtney Joyce, Lily Kennedy, Eve Marquise, Amy Roberts, Alexandra Rumbold

Year 8 Will Barnes, Cameron Wright, Matthew Taylor, Abbie Brown, Abigail Butler, Harriet Dadds, Amber Hoey, Amelia Minihane, Mia Riley, Felicity Stephenson, Ruby Street, Demi Sugden, Phoebe Donkin, Abigail Eagland, Lauren Mace, Meg Mathias, Bethany Metcalfe, Sydney Minton, Ava Niven, Rebecca Rawlings, Evie Roberts

Year 7 Oliver Arrowsmith, Cameron Ashmore, Charlie Broome, Harry Cooksey, Timothy Huskisson, Tommy Michalowski, Campbell Rowe, Oscar Sinpradang, Akito Tokiwa-Smith, Maison Walker, Jack Barnes, Daniel Bland, Lewis Dickinson, Daniel Harris, Ollie Heaton, Isaac Minihane, Joe Murphy, Jayden Pilbeam, Luke Tipper, Adam Turley, Zara Allman, Elizabeth Dale, Izzy Gould, Lyla Hazell, Jessica Jones, Phoebe Marsh, Reese Smith, Abigail Wilkins, Bethany Yates, Sophie Bryant, Eve Camacho, Grace Camacho, Rose Isaacson, Abby Johnson, Emmy Johnson, Laura Longdon, Faith Molineux, Abbie Sugden, Madison Tharm, Rosie Tonks

Most House Points:

Year 11 Shuyeb Khan, Jacob Foster, Jackson Wallace, Connor Harvey, Alice Blackwell, Mollie Weedon, Maddison Gardner, Diana-Silvana Signer

Year 10 Brad Prince, Keean Hopwood, Flynn Mulligan, Toby Farmer, Emily Turner, Evie Hulme, Bryony Stephenson, Emma Law

Year 9 Isaac Brodie, Archie Williamson, Jake Meakin, Tyler Minton, Isabel Ainsworth, Isobel Allman, Tiegan-Leigh Clare, Holly Cutland

Year 8 Samuel Wright, Jack Martin, James Parton, Rhys Curtis, Harriet Dadds, Amber Hoey, Mia Riley, Amelia Minihane

Year 7 Adam Turley, Luke Tipper, Isaac Minihane, Charlie Broome, Zara Allman, Laura Longdon, Phoebe Marsh, Emmy Johnson

Tutor Awards:

Year 11 Shuyeb Khan, Jay Cutler, Isabelle Smith, Amy Tonks

Year 10 Brad Prince, Ethan Hill-Breese, Emma Law, Evie Hulme

Year 9 Isaac Brodie, Pippa Stretch-Haynes

Year 8 Cameron Wright, Niall Broderick, Mia Riley, Evie Roberts

Year 7 Charlie Broome, Adam Turley, Phoebe Marsh, Abbie Sugden

Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Darwin House impressed everyone in their fantastic House Week and the funds raised for Acorns Children Hospice represented a kind and hard-earned donation. Darwin students have a lot to be proud about and there awards reflect the commitment of the winners and their families.”