Our annual ‘Battle of the Bands’ night is scheduled for Tuesday 11 February and tickets are available from our box office website:

The evening sees a X-Factor-style competition where top acts – this year all performing songs from the 1990s – battle it out to be crowned champions.

Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Last year’s 1980s theme went down fantastically well but this 1990s focus will certainly play well into the hands of many parents for whom it was their decade. The evening should play well for ‘Girls and Boys’, ‘Common People’ too, and even a ‘Barbie Girl’. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of ‘Wannabees’ on that stage and all that energy is going to bring ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.”

Mark Drury, Assistant Headteacher, added: “It will be great to see people dancing in the aisles like their ‘Living the Vida Loca’, and though it is a school night, ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’.”