Our end of term arrangements for the end of this term will remain the same as they have been for the last five Christmases.

Friday 20 December will be a normal school day so there will be no early finish.

This decision is based on three main factors:
1) Many children get buses from our site at the end of the day so a normal finish this helps with transport.
2) A ‘normal’ day is easier for most families’ arrangements.
3) There is no extensive building work like in the Summer so the need is not the same during the Xmas holidays.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “There is usually the odd student-led rumour that there is an early finish but we are planning to follow our usual schedule of a normal school day. Of course, I can think of nothing finer than rushing off to The Bullring on Friday for extra Christmas gifts for my wife, but sadly she will have to accept the usual last-minute, online purchases.”