Once again The Hospitality and Catering department have signed the school up to ‘The Taste of Game’. This project will see Y10-11s taking part in the ‘Be A Game Changer’ challenge.

‘The Taste of Game’ has a key aim to up-skill teachers in the preparation of game and supply schools directly with ingredients for cooking it.

The students gain an understanding for ‘provenance’ and how game is reared, prepared and cooked. They get to taste game, try out some recipes and become familiar to its taste, value and uses.

The pupils were put into teams to work as members of the kitchen brigade with a head chef selected to lead the team.

The three dishes on the menu were:
Pheasant served on a bed of courgettes and a serving of parsnip puree
Pheasant, onion and goats cheese flan
Pheasant pizza

Angie Brough, Food Teacher said: “This is a project we enjoy and introduces many students to food they have often not previously eaten, and certainly not prepared. It is a great way of encouraging a healthy, diverse diet and the quality of the work it produces is fantastic.”

If you would like to learn more about the project, and find some tasty recipes, go to: https://tasteofgame.org.uk/