Next week sees Darwin House Week and there will be a whole host of activities designed to raise funds for Acorns Hospice. The House adopted the charity a couple of years ago and have been raising funds for this vital local provision.

The House Week is jam-packed with daily events including:
 A Teacher Auction
 A Photo Booth
 Gingerbread Man Decoration
 ‘Home Alone’ Movie
 ‘Wear A Xmas Jumper Day’ (Darwin only)
 And much more besides…

Alex Britton, Head of Darwin House, said: “We are looking to reach a target of £1,600 this year – and have already collected £700 — so it is a realistic target. Darwin students have been keen to get involved and their enthusiasm is carrying the week forward.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We have partnered each House with a local charity so that our students get to make an impact in the very community in which they live. This is part of our extended curriculum which goes beyond traditional lessons into the wider world around and very much prepares our students for adult life.”