Year 13 Sociology and Psychology students attended a ‘True Life Crime Conference: Behind Bars’ in Birmingham as part of their A-Level courses.

This unique event allowed students to hear the remarkable life stories of several convicted criminals who have turned their lives around. The crimes ranged from drug offences, to multi-million pound fraud and murder. Jack Sherbourne and Noah Rhodes were even selected to model a typical inmate uniform and walked a prison catwalk!

Students also relished the opportunity to meet and question professionals who currently work within the justice system, which not only opened up lively debates about the effectiveness of the UK prison system, but allowed the students to understand the wider social importance and relevance of studying subjects like Sociology and Psychology.

Gemma Jubb, Head of Sociology, said: “This annual field visit was as valuable as ever and is a real eye-opener. As usual The Friary students listened carefully, asked pertinent questions and thanked every criminal on the way out !”