Garrick won the House Independent Learning Challenge Quiz courtesy of 7G1, who got the highest score of 80%. The winning quiz team consisted of Hector Nottage and Eliza Grotane, who earned their tutor group 50 House Points.

They beat 8S1 (70%) into second place.

A total of 17 KS3 tutor groups entered the competition, which saw students using their independent research skills to study the rivalry of Scott and Amundsen to reach the South Pole. This was to coincide with ‘Antarctica Day’ Focus Week.

Students had two weeks to prepare. Two tutor groups were then chosen at random to represent each house in the quiz.

Could you have done better? Try out the questions below – answers at the bottom!

1) What nationality was the Antarctic explorer Roald Amundsen?
2) What was British Antarctic explorer Captain Scott’s first name?
3) What was the ship called that Captain Scott used for his final Antarctic expedition?
4) Scott planned to pull his supplies using men, motor sledges, dogs and what other animal?
5) Amundsen’s party beat Scott to the South Pole by how many days: 3, 13 or 33?
6) Amundsen’s party reached the South Pole in December of what year?
7) What did Amundsen’s party drink to celebrate reaching the South Pole?
8) What is the name of the member of Scott’s party who famously sacrificed himself by walking out of his tent so he wouldn’t slow the others down?
9) What name is given to the condition Arctic explorers often suffer from that is caused by vitamin C deficiency?
10) Unfortunately Scott and his team perished on their return to base. Where did they die – Ross Ice Shelf, Weddell Sea, or McMurdo Sound?
Tiebreaker: According to the ‘Distance-to’ website, how many miles is it from Lichfield to the South Pole?

ANSWERS: 1) Norwegian 2) Robert 3) Terra Nova 4) Ponies / Horses 5) 33 6) 1911 7) Champagne 8) Captain Oates 9) Scurvy 10) Ross Ice Shelf. Tiebreaker = 9,861

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Our Focus Week programme is designed to cover a wide range of topics, landmarks and events, and Antarctica Day is about appreciating this incredible location our planet, its history, and the environmental issues affecting it. The House competition format is part of the usual House rivalry and also flagging up to our students the fun and interest that can be generated by learning new things. Well done to Garrick – more competitions to come.”