On a rainy Tuesday in November, a group of excitable Year 5s walked from Chadsmead to the Friary School in the hope of an insightful morning of Maths.

The plan was to measure areas of the Friary School and create an accurate map drawn on A3 paper. Despite the weather, the Year 5s were most excited about being out in the cold and measuring the Friary playground with trundle wheels and metre sticks!

The students learnt about map scales and ratios, how to convert lengths; both real life and from a map and how to simplify ratio. This happened to be the first time the young, budding mathematicians had seen ratio and they all took to the concept fantastically, showing true mathematical promise – they even answered 2 GCSE paper questions on the topic !

Miss Clamp, Head of KS3 Maths, said: “We were delighted to welcome students from Chadsmead. We really value the importance of KS2 students experiencing life in secondary school, as well as giving them the opportunity to experience mathematics in a challenging and practical way. The students were fantastic and seemed to really enjoy their morning – as did we – and we look forward to welcoming them back in the future.”