The Sixth Form Open Evening was very well attended and presented the specific approaches and features that mark our provision out as one of the very strongest in the district.

The key messages related to:

1. Our smaller setting so that no child gets lost as just a face in a crowd… We currently aim to be no more than 200 as a whole which is less than some local providers have in a single year group.

2. Our focus on the whole student – not just the grades – whether it be work placements, charity work, voluntary work, etc… We prioritise every student equally whether they are applying to Oxbridge, an apprenticeship, a job, or are looking at a gap year.

3. Our interventions go the extra mile and more… We maintain the Saturday Schools, Holiday Schools, extra support that is above and beyond ‘normal’ provision, and sets our students up with the guidance and learning checks to maintain them on track.

4. Our results match anything locally and sit in the top-ranked schools in the country… We take a meticulous approach to every course, every grade, and getting every student to their chosen destination.

5. Our balance of maintaining the old – so what has got success in the main school – and bringing in the new – so the switch to Sixth Form is a change and a buzz without losing all the productivity and backing which characterises learning at our school.

In addition to subject staff being on hand to talk to students and parents, there were also representatives from Ask Apprenticeships, Birmingham University and Staffordshire University, who were able to offer advice and guidance to parents on the wider ramifications of the Sixth Form choice, as students look to post-school life or alternative career or pathway steps.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “There was a fantastic atmosphere around the event and it was wonderful to see Friary students and others from further afield making connections between what they are studying now and what is needed for the next and future steps.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We have a fantastic Sixth Form group and, seeing old and new faces this evening, it only suggest great promise for the future. We really enjoy working with our senior students and there is already a tremendous buzz amongst our staff now that they have met prospective success stories for September 2020 onwards.”