The History Department ran two day trips to Warwick Castle as part of Year 7’s study of the development of castles and over 100 students enjoyed the visit on each day.

It was Halloween Week so there was lots of Harry Potter and witchcraft around the castle, though there still remained time to check out the very features which had been taught in the classrooms and apply them the models being made for homework.

One student, Josh Douglas-Boisson, applied some of these features to his Minecraft castle:

All student groups were guided around the site by staff so all the important mottle and bailey characteristics were flagged up and every student managed to get around the 530 steps on the wall walk.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The Warwick Caste trip is a fantastic welcome to secondary school life for our Year 7s and a real rite of passage. The students were buzzing when they got back and their attitude and conduct on the trip was exemplary.”