Robyn Bailey and Ellie Lancaster (Y8) represented England in the WKU World Championships held in Bregenz, Austria, and took Gold and Silver Medals after fighting one another in the final.

The pair fought bigger opponents in the earlier rounds but their technique and tenacity got them through and they both also performed well in the kata category too.

Both girls train with Lichfield Sport Karate Club (LSKC) and have carried on the school’s success with the club – with former student Steph Hart having repeatedly medalled too. More details can be found at:

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We support the girls international commitments as part of our Elite Performers scheme and we were delighted to hear how well they both performed. The pair both balance their school work with their extensive training so we are more than happy to do all we can to help them to shine on the world stage. We also continue to be impressed by LSKC who are taking so many Lichfield youngsters onto the international stage.”