The school’s site and facilities continue to be improved throughout the half-term break and the term ‘holiday’ does not apply for so many school staff.

One of our main priorities is the Sports Hall which moved solely under the school’s remit after academisation.

Consequently, the school have hired a cherry-picker and a team to go up onto the sports hall roof to begin the long overdue maintenance and repairs. The team have removed moss and lost balls, and unblocked the drains which have not been maintained for several years.

Elsewhere, our refurbishment programme continues with the redecoration of the English corridor which will see some re-plastering, re-painting and new noticeboards that are in-keeping with the rest of the school. There will also be some finishing off work in the Science corridor too.

There are also flooring improvements, IT network updates and installs, and a replacement for an errant rolling screen in the canteen that caused problems last week.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Anyone who has been in the Sports Hall facility, will be well aware that there have been on-going roofing problems that have not been fully addressed for many years. The change to school status means we can now take the lead in improving the buildings for both the school and the community. The aim is a ‘safe, warm and dry facility’ with no more leaks in exams, lessons or community sports, and a programme of long-term investment that protects our main hall and related facilities for many decades to come.”