On Tuesday 22nd October a group of Year 11 students took part in a Careers and Interview Skills Workshop as part of our Raising Aspirations Programme.

The programme was delivered in partnership with Morrison’s as part of IGD’s charitable ‘Feeding Britain’s Future’ programme.

The workshop gave our students a unique opportunity to develop their awareness of employability skills and prepare for future workplace interviews.

Faye Banks, Aspiration Mentor, said: “The students really enjoyed the interactive 1-hour workshop as it helped them identify skills and strengths linked to their hobbies and interests. The next workshops will cover CV building and getting ready for the world of work.”

If you would like to learn more about the ‘Feeding Britain’s Future’ programme visit: https://www.igd.com/articles/article-viewer/t/feeding-britains-future-introduces-new-stem-workshops/i/18705