Over 40 French students enjoyed a 4 day field trip to Paris and returned weary from their expedition but having had a wonderful time.

After a day of travelling, the first full day saw a hectic schedule that took in most of the main sites. The day started at the Montparnasse Tower for high views over the city, though heavy cloud cover meant there was sadly a limited view. Undeterred though, students headed on a walking tour which took in the Luxembourg Gardens and Palais, Saint Sulpice Church, before a grab and go lunch on a market street near the Eiffel Tower. We then marched under the tower, before enjoying a cruise down the Seine, and then resumed walking tour to take in the Louvre, Tuillieres, Place de Concorde, the Champs Elysees and L’Arc de Triomphe. Finally, before weary feet landed back at our hotel, we had a night drive around the city to see the lights on all the major attractions.

The second day began with a visit to the Pompidou Centre and then lunch in the local squares which were filled with modern art and sculptures. We then headed onto the Metro to travel to the Sacre Coeur, before students took in the Montmatre district.

Our last day brought a shopping trip on the way home before the ferry crossing brought us home.

Sophie Grigg, Head of Languages, said: “The trip is about maintaining the students momentum in French and they really did us proud. They had ample opportunities to practise their language, but also took in the Parisian culture and enjoyed the buzz of a truly global city. The students who took part in this visit flourished last year, not just in French, and we have no doubts this fantastic group will do the same. It was certainly a trip to remember.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “The trip is a real experience but also a chance for us to talk to the students about their progress, plans, dreams and character. We talk about every subject, every plan, every aspiration, and endeavour to work out what makes every student tick. There is not one of them that did not go up in staff’s estimation, and their benchmarks were already very high. These trips are a lot of work and a lot of responsibility, but we believe they make a real difference, and it is evident that these students are very special.”