There is lots of evidence to prove that reading provides the background knowledge and comprehension skills necessary for students to shine in their future exams.

Indeed, the Institute of Education conducted research that showed those children who read for pleasure had a 14.4% advantage in vocabulary which helped in all exams. Reading even gave a 9.9% advantage in Maths where there is an increasing trend for wordy questions with the Maths buried in them.

Consequently, we are working hard to encourage all students to read widely and for pleasure and have produced new reading lists for all students in Year 7 – 9.

The lists are age-appropriate and include a mixture of genres; there is something for everyone. There is also a list of books for those readers in each year group looking for an addition challenge. They can be found under the Students tab of this website on the page called School Library or by clicking here.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Parents often ask us how they can help their children succeed in their studies and there is a great route amidst these fantastic book titles. It can sometimes be a slog, but getting your child to read is a sure fire way of increasing the likelihood of them doing well in their GCSEs. All of the hard work will pay off when they open their brown envelope of exam results in the Summer of Year 11 and see they have the grades to take them forward.”