Our Y12 Partnership Evening was staged this week and provided parents with a full overview of what lies in store this school year and what they can prepare for in the years ahead.

There was a short central address in the theatre by the Sixth Form team and then opportunities to drop into sessions which included:

This session was led by Sarah Cresswell, Head of Sixth Form, outlined the school’s online package that gives exceptional careers, university and personal development guidance in one easy and accessible place.

Why Higher Education ?
This session was presented by Birmingham University and outlined the benefits of university and what opportunities and experiences it offers and opens doors to.

Higher Level Apprenticeships:
This session was also presented by Birmingham University and explained the entry criteria, range of routes and benefits of taking up a top-level apprenticeship which offers both salaries and university-level training.

Student Finance:
This session was presented by De Montfort University and mapped out the pathways and routes through financing a university degree.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We were delighted to bring in a range of external speakers and offer advice and support through the future pathways which so many of our student take. The feedback has been hugely positive and it was good to see our regular partners continuing to support our school.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “A real priority for us this year is to get every parent as up-to-speed as possible with their child’s journey through today’s education system, if both home and ourselves are at the same place, then the foundations are only stronger for that individual student to shine and succeed. This sort of evening is available for every year group and represents a real commitment on our part to maximise home-school communication.”