Last week saw the first of the GCSE Maths Masterclasses and Boosters for Year 11s and there was a huge attendance right from the off.

There will be multiple boosters, support sessions, call-backs, etc, in Maths and all subjects for the rest of the year but these particular sessions are designed to stretch students to reach their very best grade grades.

The future Maths Masterclasses and Boosters are scheduled after-school between 3.05-4.05pm on each of the following days:

* Wednesday 25th September 2019
* Wednesday 9th October 2019
* Wednesday 23rd October 2019
* Wednesday 20th November 2019
* Wednesday 4th December 2019
* Wednesday 15th January 2020
* Wednesday 29th January 2020
* Wednesday 4th March 2020
* Wednesday 18th March 2020
* Wednesday 1st April 2020
* Wednesday 22nd April 2020
* Wednesday 29th April 2020
* Wednesday 6th May 2020
* Wednesday 13th May 2020
* Monday 18th May 2020 (Paper 1 Preparation – Lessons 4 & 5)
* Wednesday 3rd June 2020 (Paper 2 Preparation – 3:05-4:05pm)

Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, said: “These extra sessions carer for specific and targeted skills, and give students the opportunity to focus their minds on their exams and ask for advice on particular topics where they are struggling. We would urge all parents to ensure their children commit to these sessions right from the very start as good habits usually develop over time.”