We always look to keep our students up-to-date with the world around them and to ramp up the rivalry between our four Houses so our weekly Current Affairs Quiz is the ideal combination.

The weekly quiz includes 20 current affairs questions and 10 questions on whatever our Focus Week is about – this week it is about the European Day of Languages (26 September).

Each tutor groups end in their entry and the totals for each House are added up through the year until we get an overall winner. All these House points go towards the House Cup so it makes a big difference in terms of Rewards Day as well.

This year our School Librarian, Helena Cresswell, has taken over the competition and has certainly ramped up the level of challenge and range in each weekly quiz.

Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, said: “This competition gives our students a more rounded understanding of the world around them and only adds to their classroom learning. It also sees Year 7s to Sixth Formers all contribute towards their House as a team so is a fantastic means of bringing all ages together.”

If you would like to test yourself on this week’s Current Affairs quiz then please click here.