During the Year 6 Transition Days, the school librarian, Helena Cresswell, handed out 676 summer challenge booklets to all of the Year 6 students due to arrive at The Friary School in September.

There were 6 challenges to complete for Year 6 students coming into Year 7 – hence the title of the challenge !

The 6 challenges were worth 5 House points each and there was a bonus 5 House points for completing all 6 challenges. There were many entries and the most common score was the 35 maximum ! This included both Laura Longdon and Lewis Dickinson (see photo)

The challenges were:

  1. Take a photo of yourself reading a book
  2. Watch a film adapted from a book and write a timeline of events that happen in the film
  3. Create a mind map of facts from a non-fiction book
  4. Compile a fact file about your favourite author
  5. Stick in a leaflet from somewhere you’ve been over the holidays
  6. Read a magazine or newspaper article

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “This was a great way for the students to work on their literacy over the long summer break, earn some House points, and start thinking about their fresh start in Year 7.”