Seward’s House student leadership team is made up of the following students.

Seward House Captains 2019/20

Charlie Bannister – House Captain
Eleanor Easton – Vice Captain
Lauren Riley – Sports Captain
Tom Larkin – Sports Captain
Lily Griffin – Charities Captain

Seward House Councillors:

8S1 – Sam Wilson
8S2 – Poppy Grimshaw
9S1 – Lucy Vanes
9S2 – Albert Malone
10S1 – Lydia Bedlow
10S2 – Harry Crocker
11S1 – Matt Sykes
11S2 – Ben Askew

Seward House Ambassadors:

8S1 – Maddie Walters
8S2 – Finbar Birchall
9S1 – Lily Taylor Corrick
9S2 – Gabi Davies Friend
10S1 – Caitlyn Wright
10S2 – Stonnall Phelps
11S1 – Holly Baugh
11S2 – Dylan Wynne

Seward Transition Mentors:

8S1 – Ellie Billingham, Aimee Cooper, Caitlin Hems & Ellie Lancaster
8S2 – Jai Haw, Nathan Cockerill, Amelia Stothart & Scarlett Astwood

Seward Peer Mentors:

Oscar Brooks
Sophie Bannister
Mear Haynes
Elena Hill
Maddie Nash
Eleanor Young
Katie Wykes
Ffion Wynne
Matt Abbotts
Rachel Carson
Roxy Jones
Sydney Tearle
Faith Emsley
Penny Mace
Joe Pring

Richard Havill, Head of Seward House said: “I am delighted with the student leadership team that we have in place for the upcoming academic year. These opportunities really do benefit the students and the House as a whole. Students get the opportunity to develop a wider skill set that will see them better equipped for the careers that will follow their time at school. As a House all students benefit from their commitment, dedication and energy. The qualities of the applications this year was really strong and it was really tough to narrow the House Captain applications in particular down to just one. That said, I know that Charlie will be a fantastic role model and I know that we have a really strong team in place.”