Johnson’s House student leadership team is made up of the following students.

Johnson House Captains 2019/20

Grace McCue – House Captain
Pawel Kluk- Vice Captain
James Collis – Sports Captain
Katie Lunn – Sports Captain
Grace Williams – Charities Captain

Johnson House Councillors:

8J1 – Maddie Bowyer
8J2 – Naomi Fisher
9J1 – Sky Bennett
9J2 – Aiden Porter
10J1 – Elliot Fox
10J2 – Alfie Palmer
11J1 – Will Shadbolt
11J2 – Emily Thompson

Johnson House Ambassadors:

8J1 – Olivia Fox & Maiya Ogden
8J2 – Maisie Alford & Codi John
9J1 – Ben Lawrence
9J2 – Jessica Horne & Max Sidaway
10J1 – Emily Eldson
10J2 – Rebecca Oatley
11J1 – Elliot Turnock
11J2 – Greg Lewis

Johnson Transition Mentors:

8J1 – Thomas Tovey
8J2 – Flo Darby

Johnson Peer Mentors:

Emelia Johnson
Sienna Black
Molly Calcutt
Freya Short
Molly Twynham
Shanya Sarkar
Ethan Oxley
Poppy Spanner

Vicki Plested, Head of Johnson House, said: “There is a fantastic mix of talent in our team so I am confident that whether it be performing arts or sport, or fund-raising or school leadership, then we will have some strong and effective representation. With this team the year is going to be a lot of fun.”