The end of year assemblies saw Darwin House seize the House Cup from the grasp of Seward House in a close-run competition that saw lots of twists and turns through the school year.

The final House Point standings were:

1st  Darwin      165,165

2nd Seward        161,088

3rd  Garrick         155,124

4th  Johnson      140,187

Elsewhere, all Houses had reasons to celebrate with a host of other awards and titles:

Sports Day Trophy – Johnson (for 3rd year running)

Charities Cup – Darwin (£1,298 for Acorn’s Children’s Hospice)

The winning KS3 form was 8G2 (Mrs Gabbitass) with 22,469 House Points.

The winning KS4 form was 10S1 (Mr Awbery) with 17,352 House Points.

The leading individuals for House Points were Abigail Pinches (KS3 Girl), Matthew Mellor (KS3 Boy), Anneka Horne (KS4 Girl) and Dylan Wynne (KS4 Boy).

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “With rewards for leadership, attendance, effort, achievement, and so on, every child can earn acknowledgment, and this year has seen so many children celebrated. Congratulations to Darwin House and let battle commence for 2019-2020.”