We are delighted to report that the students and staff of The Friary School have achieved superb Sixth Form results this summer with an overall pass rate of 100%.

There were wonderful performances across the board and plenty of exceptional individual stories which were rewarded by places at top-ranked universities and apprenticeships:

Josh Vroom (A*, A, A, A), Toria Barnard (A*, A, A, B, C), Eleanor Hollis (A, A, B)
Ellie Battison (A, Dist*, Dist*), George Ellis (Dist*, Dist, Dist), Brennan Downes (A*, A, B, B)
Lucy Postle (A, Dist*, Dist), Jack Allcock (A, B, B), Sam Locock (A, B, B)
Ruari Murray (A, B, B), Emma Stonehouse (A, B, B)

These superb grades meant that there were outstanding results in a series of academic subjects with English, Maths, Physics, History, RE, and Sociology standing out as exceptional. Equally, the vocational courses were stunning across the board, most notably in the Science, Sport, Business, Health & Social Care, Performing Arts and ICT.

Additionally, the all-important progress measurement is resoundingly positive, our extra-curricular Extended Project Qualification saw a 100% pass rate and Year 12 results were excellent too.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “There was a fantastic buzz as the results were collected and too many success stories to mention. It has been a real thrill to see so many top-level apprenticeships and apprenticeship degree places come in as this is something we have explicitly targeted in this time of high university fees.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “Even as you get older, you share the students’ sleepless nights and early wake-ups as Results Day draws near so there is huge excitement and relief when things go well. We plough all of our resources into our students – going the extra mile after-school, on Saturdays and during Holiday Schools – and with the students, staff and families working incredibly hard for these results, it is thrilling that the graft and perseverance have paid off.”