The year 10 Geography pupils have had an exciting few weeks completing the fieldwork component of their course.

Initially, the students travelled to Cotton Dell to undertake a river investigation on discharge and sediment size.

Following this, they visited Derby as an excellent site for studying the impact of regeneration on various parts of the city.

The students engaged and participated in the wide range of methods used to collect data and will spend an exciting few weeks analysing their results!

Susan Sheridan, Head of Geography, said: “The students got a lot out of the experience subject-wise as well as getting the chance to taste the delights of Derby. These trips are a key part of their third exam next Summer so a lot of work will be done on helping them review, critique and explain their findings.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The next tour for the Geography Department is volcano trekking n Southern Italy so the students should be well aware that if they do well here, their next step will be very different, One step Derby, next step flying molten rock.”