The History Department visited the National Memorial Arboretum for the ‘Remember Together’ Youth Festival with 50 Y8 pupils who have shown high levels of achievement and/or high levels of effort in their studies.

This is an event organised by the NMA and The British Legion.

The programme for the day involved a range of 1 hour long activities linked to the experiences of people in the Second World War.

The events included a D-Day inspired guided walk ‘Codebreaker 2 (GCHQ)’, a tour of the memorial site and the highlight of day was an ‘Evacuee’ recalling their experiences of leaving their family at the age of 6.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We enjoy a fantastic relationship with the National Memorial Arboretum and it is a real plus that we have such a national landmark on our doorstep. The students were hugely impressed by the venue alone, but also learnt a lot about the experiences of those whose lives were affected by the conflict.”