Each year we stage our Rewards Day which celebrates the winning House in the House Cup and those students who achieve the most House points.

The House points can be earned by students for hard work, effort and contributions to school life so everyone has a chance to be part of the special day.

This Rewards Day is not tied to attendance – which is rewarded separately – and builds on the regular rewards that are given out through the year, such as special assemblies, ice-creams, trips, Prom rewards, etc.

The Student Council voted to retain the Inflatable Day so this will be on offer to those students who qualify.

The House Cup is well and truly neck-and-neck and the points earned in Sports Day this week will play a critical role in determining the final winner which will be announced as we head into the last week.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Our rewards system basically follows the emphasis that you earn rewards in life through what you put in and school should be no different. Every child can apply themselves and earn House Points so those that do this deserve the plaudits. It is a great day, the students lead the choice, and it will be exciting to see which House takes the victory.”