We have only just recovered from the show, though there are still many of the cast still walking around on Cloud 9 after the glowing reaction to this lively and popular show.

The audiences through the week were fantastic – only adding to the atmosphere – and you can still catch a strain of “Start of Something New” in the corridors, and one or two teachers telling their class to “Get Their Head in the Game”.

Jamie Richards and Beth Kingston were superb as Troy and Gabriella, Maisie Chatfield and Jasmine Wallace were equally strong Sharpays, both with the excellent Nate Wallace wonderfully trailing after them as Ryan.

Elsewhere, with Olivia Wilson’s Mr Barbus stealing every scene she was in, there was not a poor performance to be seen – an all-star show from an all-star cast.

Harriet Bates, Drama teacher and Show Director, said: “The cast worked tremendously hard throughout the weeks and all of this effort has proved worthwhile. There is plenty of talent coming through in the younger years which bodes well for the future.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The show is one that many parents will know already through their children and the familiarity helped the performers too. We loved the show and it will be fantastic to watch the cast shine in ‘Wind in the Willows’ next term.”