We were thrilled to welcome back our Year 11s to celebrate their end of compulsory schooling in our Leavers Assembly – there are so many of them that we are incredibly proud of so seeing them was a real boost for everyone.

The assembly included a series of embarrassing photos, celebratory videos, in-jokes, performances and there was even a tear or two as well.

There were also some serious awards which – though ahead of the final exam results – were very well-deserved:

 Subject Male Female
English Josh Bramall Lucy Stothert
Maths Rhys Burton Ella Spears
Combined Science Josh Bramall Ginnie-May Turner
Separate Sciences Sam Little Ellen Richardson
French Sam Little Lucy Parker
History Toby Morris-Samuels Lydia Hudson
Geography Joshua Worrall Ginnie-May Turner
Health and Social Care Alfie Appleyard Jessica Guest
RE Josh Bramall Lydia Hudson
Business Studies Toby Morris-Samuels Hannah Elson
Art Jack Wright Ginnie-May Turner
Engineering Jack Hulme Holly Leaver
IT Thomas Williams Jessica Harrigan
Performing Arts Louis Caldwell Abbie Elson
Music Thomas Hughes Ella Drew

We also handed out awards to those students who have consistently performed well in a wide range of activities which totted up recognition in the form of House Points:

Johnson Top House Points Josh Allen Liz Short
Sam Hutchison Corey Overton
Toby Morris-Samuels Jess Harrigan
Alex Long Amy Bridgewater
Josh Nyambayo Guuli Mehmadali
Darwin Top House Points Jack Hulme Georgina Broome
Harry Dean Jessica Guest
Alfie Appleyard Millie Jamieson
Toma Smith Ellen Richardson
Josh Bramall Sophie Turner
Seward Top House Points Jonny Fowler Ella Drew
Ben Wilcox Megan Gibson
Tom Hughes Holly Rice
Jack Wright Libby Mills
Cameron Snape Lucy Parker
Garrick Top House Points Tom WIlliams Abigail Elson
Taine Garner Lucy Stothert
Greg Bilinski Ginnie-May Turner
Jay Garwood Lydia Miles
James Mackenzie Hannah Elson

There were also some special House Awards for students who deserved a definite mention at the end of the year and they went to:

Johnson Eagle Award Joshua Allen
Darwin Tiger Award Hayden Swoffer
Seward Swan Award Jonny Fowler
Garrick Shark Award Greg Bilinski

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Overall, this has been a wonderful year group and regardless of their Summer results we will always be incredibly proud of them. If success is judged on decency, humour, commitment and generosity then this group of young adults are simply exceptional.”

PS – “Of course, let’s make sure this carries on at the School Prom 🙂 ”.