The Friary School was a buzz of excitement last week when we were invaded by 216 Year 6s who are soon to be our Year 7s.

The Year 6s had a fun-packed two days designed to get them used to the school, used to their peers and used to learning in a very different setting to their primary school.

There were a wide range of taster classes ranging from literacy and numeracy work to scientific explosions and musical performances. Equally, there was a chance for them to meet their tutor, their Head of House and to figure out the school systems and routines, ranging from assemblies to the canteen.

The Year 6s were superbly marshalled by our Sixth Formers who thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with them, and so many of ‘our’ current students excitedly talked of who they had seen, who they had helped and how quickly there years had passed in the school.

These days were followed by a Parents Transition Evening where parents got to hear more about how and why the school operates in the way it does, and exactly what their children will be faced with in September.

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Our staff were thrilled to meet the Year 6 students and we had a great time with them. They look like being a fantastic year group and will be a welcome addition to our school. We have a very happy Year 7 at the moment, and the new recruits look no different.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We met some great parents too, with offers of support and PTFA involvement abound, and it is hugely heartening when we know that we have parents fighting our corner. There is only one outcome when the teachers and parents combine efforts – a very successful and happy child – and that is what we all want.”