The Year 7 – 9 targeted boosters have been running throughout the year and, now the Year 11 & 13 exams are drawing to a close, they are gradually re-emerging.

Today saw Year 8 students take centre stage and as part of revising the structure of the eye, studies got to turn their hand to some dissection so that they could locate all of the key parts they had sketched out and written about.

Ben Hewkin, Year 8, said: “The best bit was how cool it was to see the lens magnifying the words on the newspaper”.

Dave Brown, Head of Science, said: “We have built in a wide range of practical experiments into our courses and the dissection element is an important one for those students looking to go further and further in the subject. The human eye is an complicated topic but it is a lot easier to understand when you have seen the individual components and matched your written work to the dissection.”