The Friary School staged a presentation evening to present pupils with their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

This year 28 pupils took on the award and they have been working hard to complete the award in time for the presentation evening this year.

Rob Foster, Operations Officer – Staffordshire and Derbyshire Dales, representing DoE Head office, came to present the awards to these outstanding pupils.

The evening started with the Sectional Awards and were presented to Callum Dee, Charlotte Neal, Katie Thompson and Natalie Adamkova. They have been working hard to complete the award and will soon complete all sections by July where the full award will be presented to them.

The full 2019 Bronze Award were presented to:

Amy Tonks – Ben Wykes – Emma Burns – Emily Thompson – Erin Fry – Georgia Morris – Holly Baugh – Isabella Metcalfe – Jay Cutler – Kerris Shepherd – Kieron Garcha – Lauren Jarratt – Myles Thain – Summer Palmer

We also had pupils presented with their Bronze Awards from 2018:
Adam Leeson – Annabel Lucas – Georgina Broome – Hollie Clachan – Jack Hulme – Penny Hurst – Jack Wright – Jake Ingham – Jess Guest – Jessica Harrigan – Josh Worrall – Joshua Bramall – Lewis Neil – Lucy Stothert – Lydia Hudson – Mollie Goldstone – Nyah Millership – Scott Spinks – Taine Garner – Tom Hughes – Tegan Smith – Toma Tokiwa-Smith – Warwick Smith

The evening finished with the Silver Awards that were outstanding from 2017:
Amy Cundill – Emily Clachan – Felicity Carden – James McDonagh-Smith – Lucas Tennant – Megan McEntee – Marcus John – Rebecca Cundill

Angela Brough, Duke of Edinburgh Co-Ordinator, said: “A massive thank you to all who support the Award within the school. Most importantly to the pupils and their parents for pushing themselves to achieve such recognition for the work they have done and continue to do.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “The students deserve huge credit for their success in these awards amidst their studies for their formal exams. Equally, there is a tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes so all of the staff (and their families, as well as governors, deserve all the plaudits for making these awards happen. It is this high level of commitment and team-work that means our school has such a strong extra-curricular offer.”