More and more schools are taking part in the Support Your School Fund-Raisjng Scheme and we are a the point where we are doing the same.

We would like to raise funds to enable our Student Librarians to help choose some new fiction titles for our library.

We want all of our students to develop a love of reading for pleasure. Being able to read well improves literacy skills and opens students up to a world of new ideas and stories. We are aiming to raise £250 to enable us to purchase new books for all year groups.

We plan to take our Student Librarian team to Peters bookstore in Birmingham to help choose the books. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will help to benefit the students. Donations can be made via the campaign page using credit or debit card.

Please visit the following website to support your school:

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We will be working with the PTFA on this scheme but know that some parents prefer to make a donation to a very specific scheme. There can be few better schemes than encouraging reading so this is an opportunity for anyone who wishes to donate to make a real difference.”