The PTFA is again asking all parents to sign up to Easy Fund-Raising to raise funds for the school via the Friary School PTA – Lichfield.

When you are doing your online shopping you simply go to your websites via – it is a 2 minute job to set up an account and all you have to do is to log-on to the website before going to your online shopping website.

It costs you nothing and is effectively free money for your child’s school and when you raise your first £5 then Easy Fund-Raising will match that too.

If you need further guidance then this short video will explain how it works:

You can also sign-up using our unique link – simply go to and search for Friary School PTA.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “If your child travels on the school minibuses then the PTFA paid for them; if your child sits on the new extended seating in the canteen then the PTFA paid for it; if your child uses the computers in the library then the PTFA paid for them; and if your child uses, or plans to use, the Sixth Form Centre, then then the PTFA paid for it. School funding is such that we are reliant on the funds the PTFA raises as they make that extra difference to your child’s education and, whilst it can be tough in a busy week to attend a meeting or event, this is a straight-forward and easy way to make the difference.”