The changes to school uniform are rolling through and UniformPlus in Lichfield have shared with us a photograph of the changed items and have asked us to ask for advance orders on smaller / larger skirt sizes.

The school skirt will be stocked from 11 years upwards to a 36″ waist but if any students do not fit into these parameters – so for example those ‘extra small’ Year 7 girls – then advance notice should be given.

This could be by either dropping onto Uniform Plus at 33 Tamworth Street, Lichfield, or calling 01543 414520.

The uniform photographed will look exactly the same for boys in the top half, but will be accompanied by plain, black trousers. Of course, girls are free to choose to wear school trousers as well.

Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We are looking forward to seeing all of the uniform changes come out in September and will be working with new and current parents over the next half-term to ensure they are clear on what is required for Autumn 2019.”