The Darwin House Easter Celebration Assembly saw the following award winners:

Full Colours:

The Full-Colours awarded only to Year 11s who have already been awarded Half-Colours and have demonstrated continued or further dedication to excellence over an extended period of time:

Georgina Broome (Y11), Jack Hulme (Y11), Aaliyah Purewal (Y11) & Ellen Richardson (Y11)


The House Half-Colours are awarded for excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time, or for high-level contributions to the school, House or community, or for commitment to excellence outside of school:

Josh Bramall (Y11), Jessica Guest (Y11), Millie Jamieson (Y11), Matthew Mellor (Y9) & Poppy Newton (Y10).

Academic Progress Awards:

These awards are based 50% on attainment and 50% on progress across the curriculum:

Year 11:
Josh Bramall, Georgina Broome, Jack Hulme, Sam Little, Aaliyah Purewal, Ellen Richardson, Sophie Turner, Josh Worrall.

Year 10:
Kyle Curtis, Jacob Foster, Kieron Garcha, Shuyeb Khan, Poppy Newton, Georgia Piper, Diana-Silvana Signer, Charlotte Taylor.

Year 9:
Ethan Hill-Breese, Imogen Fernihough, Keean Hopwood, Evie Hulme, Emily Ison, Flynn Mulligan, David Niven, Brad Prince, Josh Roche, Bryony Stephenson, Emily Turner.

Year 8:
Isabel Ainsworth, Isaac Brodie, Holly Cutland, Megan Farnworth, Maxwell Grace, Michael Hall, Aylah Milligan, Harry Parton, Kieron Pontin, Aisha Ratnasabapathy, Archie Williamson.

Year 7:
Abbie Brown, Harriet Dadds, Tom Fairchild, Kristers Leoskis, Lauren Mace, Evie Roberts, Daniel Selvey, Samuel Wright

100% Attendance Awards:

This award is for the whole year – so we are looking for many of these student to get the 100% by the end of the Summer Term too:

Year 11:
Alfie Appleyard, Joshua Bramall, Georgina Broome, Zzane Dune’t, Elliot Gartshore, Jessica Guest, Robbie Honey, Jack Hulme, Jake Ingham, Millie Jamieson, Louis Jowett, Sam Little, Annabel Lucas, Amelie Sadler, Tegan Smith, Toma Smith, Warwick Smith, Hayden Swoffer, Sophie Turner.

Year 10:
Yulan Abela-Filer, Maggie Dinshaw, Jacob Foster, Hollie Grove, Libby Johnson, Shuyeb Khan, Mia Lowe, Oliver Morgan, Tearne Palmer, Lauren Pates, Georgia Piper, Michael Proudfoot, Daniel Rigby, George Riley, Diana-Silvana Signer, Jacob Swann, Charlotte Taylor, Amy Tonks, Jackson Wallace, Mollie Weedon.

Year 9:
Hannah Adams, Chloe Bridge, Imogen Fernihough, Will Ferriday, George Greenslade, Ethan Hill-Breese, Evie Hulme, Ellis Logan, Flynn Mulligan, David Niven, Anthony Poynton, Bryony Stephenson, Emily Turner, Neo Yunt.

Year 8:
Isabel Ainsworth, Isobel Allman, Ashley Boucher, Isaac Brodie, Holly Cutland, Bethany Davies, Amy Goring, Maxwell Grace, Harriet Hill-Breese, Mary Hughes, Jennifer Huskisson, Olivia Marland, Eve Marquise, Jake Meakin, Tommy Murphy, Harry Parton, Will Pearce, Alfie Phillips, Amy Roberts, Oscar Rowe, Alexandra Rumbold, Laura Turner, Archie Williamson.

Year 7:
Owen Adams, Niall Broderick, Charlotte Chatfield, Evie Crowson, Harriet Dadds, Ben Fairchild, Tom Fairchild, Alex Hill, Millie Ingham, Kristers Leoskis, Jack Martin, Meg Mathias, Amelia Minihane, Sydney Minton, Katie Newton, Ava Niven, Daniel Selvey, Felicity Stephenson, Ruby Street, Demi Sugden, Matthew Taylor.

Outstanding Behaviour Awards:

There were over 100 students who received this award with the biggest group being the Year 7 girls.

Most House Points:

This award is for the Easter Term and adds to the individual and House totals which decide who takes part in the Rewards Day at the end of the Summer Term:

Year 11:
Georgina Broome, Harry Dean, Jessica Guest, Jack Hulme, Millie Jamieson, Sam Little, Nadine Mann, Toma Smith.

Year 10:
Alice Blackwell, Jacob Foster, Kieron Garcha, Mia Lowe, Oliver Morgan, Isabella Metcalfe, Jacob Swann, Amy Tonks.

Year 9:
Alissia Evans, Isaac Gartshore, Ethan Hill-Breese, Evie Hulme, Martha McRobinson, Matthew Mellor, Maddy Pavier-Grant, Jack Turner.

Year 8:
Isobel Allman, Bethany Davies, Will Heaton, Eve Marquise, Jake Meakin, Aylah Milligan, Tyler Minton, Archie Williamson.

Year 7:
Kristers Leoskis, Lauren Mace, Meg Mathias, Ava Niven, James Parton, Felicity Stephenson, Matthew Taylor, Samuel Wright.

Tutor Awards:

These awards are nominated by the form tutors and reflect their view on the individual’s strong contribution to form and House activities over the last term:

11 D1 – Sam Little & Georgina Broome
11 D2 – Alfie Appleyard & Millie Jamieson
10 D1 – Shuyeb Khan & Isabelle Smith
10 D2 – Ashley Simpson & Mia Lowe
9 D1 – Flynn Mulligan & Emily Ison
9 D2 – Matthew Mellor & Evie Hulme
8 D1 – Oscar Rowe & Holly Cutland
8 D2 – Jake Meakin & Lily Kennedy
7 D1 – James Parton & Amelia Minihane
7 D2 – Sam Wright & Evie Roberts

Public Recognition Awards:

The following awards celebrated the performances of students on the stage in sports, in assemblies and in the wider community:

Beth Kingston (fund-raising), Aisha Ratnasabapathy (fund-raising), Holly Cutland (fund-raising), Lily Kennedy (sponsored swim), Abigail Eagland (sponsored silence), Mia Lowe (hair donation and fund-raising)

Meanwhile, the following awards were given out for exceptionally high House points so far this year:

Isobel Allman 8D2 (699), Tia Chisholm 9D2 (680), Bethany Davies 8D1 (647), Ethan Hill-Breese 9D2 (613), Evie Hulme 9D2 (703), Alex Hornsby 8D2 (607), Lauren Mace 7D2 (751), Matthew Mellor 9D2 (759), Maddy Pavier-Grant 9D2 (633), Alfie Stewart 9D2 (633), Bryony Stephenson 9D1 (677)

Alison Morris, Head of Darwin House, said: “There was really so much to celebrate that it was difficult to fit it all into our Celebration Assembly. I have been particularly proud of the fund-raising initiatives undertook independently by students either for our House charity, Acorns Hospice, or other charities that students have developed a personal attachment to. Our school very much pushes high achievement, but also works to develop a rounder perspective of the world around us so that settling into it post-school life and responsibilities is a lot more straight-forward.”