The Seward House Easter Celebration Assembly saw the following award winners:

Full Colours:

The Full-Colours awarded only to Year 11s who have already been awarded Half-Colours and have demonstrated continued or further dedication to excellence over an extended period of time:

Libby Mills (Y11) & Holly Rice (Y11)


The House Half-Colours are awarded for excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time, or for high-level contributions to the school, House or community, or for commitment to excellence outside of school:

Ella Drew (Y11), Megan Gibson (Y11), Georgie Groucott (Y11), Scott Spinks (Y11) & Jack Wright (Y11).

Academic Progress Awards:

These awards are based 50% on attainment and 50% on progress across the curriculum:

Year 11:
Millie Barton, Matt Capper, Megan Gibson, Georgie Groucott, Tom Hughes, Adam Leeson, Libby Mills, Cameron Snape.

Year 10:
Dan Bond, Ben Faulkner-Jones, Penny Mace, Jack Murphy, Daisy Powell, Lauren Riley, Holly Rolfe, Ben Wykes.

Year 9:
Brendan Acton, Lydia Bedlow, Liam Davies, Jack Le Friec, Jess Holland, Stonnall Phelps, Isobel Swinnerton, Caitlyn Wright.

Year 8:
Chloe Allen, Gabi Davies Friend, Eleanor Easton, Jacob Housley, Tom Larkin, Albert Malone, Pip Meredith, Tom Purkis.

Year 7:
Finbar Birchall, Finley Cooper, Poppy Grimshaw, Jai Haw, Max Hewkin, Alice Thackaberry, Madeleine Walters, Rowan Wilson.

100% Attendance Awards:

This award is for the whole year – so we are looking for many of these student to get the 100% by the end of the Summer Term too:

Year 11:
Oliver Billingsley, Ella Drew, Megan Gibson, Samuel Grainger, Jonny Fowler, Georgie Groucott, Evie Horton, Tom Hughes, Adam Leeson, Libby Mills,  Cameron Snape, Scott Spinks, Ben Wilcox, Josh Williams, Jack Wright.

Year 10:
Dan Bond, Luc Clements, Mia Cockerill, Eliot Crossley, Zachary Douglas-Boisson, Faith Emsley, Erin Fry, Beth Housley, Charlie Padfield, Lauren Riley, Holly Rolfe, Matt Sykes, Maya Thomson, Amber Tovey-Nesbitt, Ben Wykes, Dylan Wynne.

Year 9:
Lydia Bedlow, Rachel Carson, Millie Curran-Manning, Jack Le Freic, Jess Holland, Molly Hopkins, Roxy Jones, Ben McAtamney, Daniel Parkin, Sydney Tearle, Mille Vaughan, Luke While, Lucas Wilshaw

Year 8:
Chloe Allen, Oscar Brooks, Tiana Cutler, Gaby Davies-Friend, Eleanor Easton, Ben Hewkin, Brandon-Lee Hurcombe, Jack Jarman, Lulu Jarvis, Tom Larkin, Grace Lee-Sinclair, Heidi Leeson, Pip Meredith, Maisy Tovey-Nesbitt, Isabella Russell, Lucy Vanes, Lewis Wild, Ffion Wynne,  Eleanor Young.

Year 7:
Feebie Arnold, Scarlett Astwood, Chanelize Bradshaw, George Bevan, Finbar Birchall, Evie Coleman, Samuel Crocker, Jack Dobson, Erin Gibson, Poppy Grimshaw, Joshua Hopkins, Leah Horne, Ewan Hurcombe, Charlie Le Friec, Amelia Stothert, Alice Thackaberry, Jazmine Tilling, Tia Walker.

Outstanding Behaviour Awards:

There were over 100 students who received this award with the biggest group being the Year 7 girls.

Most House Points:

This award is for the Easter Term and adds to the individual and House totals which decide who takes part in the Rewards Day at the end of the Summer Term:

Year 11:
Ella Drew, Jonny Fowler, Megan Gibson, Libby Mills, Holly Rice, Cameron Snape, Ben Wilcox, Jack Wright.

Year 10:
Charlie-Lou Bannister, Dan Bond, Seren Ciarleglio, Lucy Clements, Erin Fry, Matt Sykes, Ben Wykes, Dylan Wynne.

Year 9:
Brendan Acton, Lydia Bedlow, Liam Davies, Jess Holland, Thomas Sutton, Isobel Swinnerton, Millie Vaughan, Lucas Wilshaw.

Year 8:
Gabi Davies-Friend, Eleanor Easton, Ben Hewkin, Tom Larkin, Pip Meredith, Lucy Richardson, Lewis Wild, Mason Wilson.

Year 7:
Finbar Birchall, Lily Griffin, Poppy Grimshaw, Jai Haw, Lean Horne, Emily Rice, Rowan Tennant, Samuel Wilson.

Tutor Awards:

These awards are nominated by the form tutors and reflect their view on the individual’s strong contribution to form and House activities over the last term:

11 S1 – Tom Hughes & Libby Mills
11 S2 – Ben Wilcox & Lucy Parker
10 S1 – Harrison Castree & Maya Thomson
10 S2 – Dan Bond & Seren Ciarleglio
9 S1 – Max Hart & Amy Hirst
9 S2 – Stonnall Phelps & Georgina O’Donnell
8 S1 – Ben Hewkin & Lily Taylor-Corrick
8 S2 – Albert Malone & Gabi Davies-Friend
7 S1 – Sam Wilson & Millie Coop
7 S2 – Finbar Birchall & Emily Rice

Public Recognition Awards:

The following awards celebrated the performances of students on the stage in sports, in assemblies and in the wider community:

Charlie-Lou Bannister (National Junior Boxing), Finbar Birchall (Assemblies), Gabi Davies-Friend (Girl Guides), Poppy Grimshaw (Assemblies), Clarissa Nock (Encore), Emily Rice (Assemblies), Holly Rolfe (Encore), Maddie Walters (Encore), Rown Wilson (Swimming).

Meanwhile, the following awards were given out for consistently high effort across the curriculum:

Year 11:
Jonny Fowler, Libby Mills, Lucy Parker, Holly Rice, Scott Spinks.

Year 10:
Charlie-Lou Bannister, Holly Baugh, Dan Bond, Erin Fry, Penny Mace, Harry O’Donnell, Holly Rolfe, Maya Thompson.

Year 9:
Lydia Bedlow, Rachel Carson, Kain Moore, Olivia Sansom, Caitlyn Wright

Year 8:
Chloe Allen, Eleanor Easton, Pip Meredith, Tom Purkis, Lucy Vanes

Year 7:
Finbar Birchall, Lily Griffin, Maddie Walters, Rowan Wilson, Sam Wilson.

Richard Havill, Head of Seward House, said: “Seward House is blessed with many fantastic students and it was a special assembly which saw so any of them receive awards for their hard work and commitment through the school year. We also had further awards for Effort and Public Recognition which acknowledged those working hard in all their subjects and those who stood out on stage, in sports, or in the community.”