The Garrick House Easter Celebration Assembly saw the following award winners:

Full Colours:

The Full-Colours awarded only to Year 11s who have already been awarded Half-Colours and have demonstrated continued or further dedication to excellence over an extended period of time:

Greg Bilinski (Y11) & Lucy Stothert (Y11)


The House Half-Colours are awarded for excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time, or for high-level contributions to the school, House or community, or for commitment to excellence outside of school:

Taine Garner (Y11), Lydia Hudson (Y11), James Mackenzie (Y11), Ginnie-May Turner (Y11) & Tom Williams (Y11).

NB – See photo for all Full and Half-Colour Awards.

Academic Progress Awards:

These awards are based 50% on attainment and 50% on progress across the curriculum:

Year 11:
Greg Bilinski, Abigail Elson, Hannah Elson, Taine Garner, Rebecca Goddard, Lydia Hudson, Jack Lynch, Lucy Stothert, Ginnie-May Turner, Tom Williams.

Year 10:
Honor Douglas, Tom Hurst, Lauren Jarratt, Jacob Llewellyn-Allsopp, Katie Mallender, Charlotte Neale, Connor Preston, Myles Thain.

Year 9:
Rosie Brazier, Elli-Mai Harrison, Dennis Ho, Freya Lawrence, Bobby Mathieson, Will Moseley, Owen Stothert, Olivia Wilson.

Year 8:
Oliver Atkin, Tom Elmore, Isabella Keeling, Alisha Mason, Matt Sandles, Helena Sixsmith, Aimee Whillis, Jake Wynn.

Year 7:
Eisha Acheson, Amy Bridgen, Felix Emanuel, Daisy Holian, Oliver Rogers, Jude Thompson, William Whyte, Hayley Wyatt.

100% Attendance Awards:

This award is for the whole year – so we are looking for many of these student to get the 100% by the end of the Summer Term too:

Year 11:
Hannah Elson, Poppy Carter, Louis Caldwell, Taine Garner, Mollie Goldstone, Joshua Gregory, Jay Harwood, Jessica Hughes, James Mackenzie, Chloe Miller, Jack Oates, Tom Porter, Jacob Smith, Lucy Stothert, Tom Williams.

Year 10:
Scarlett Britton, Eve Cunningham, Honor Douglas, Lauren Jarratt, Trinity Laurence, Jacob Llewellyn-Allsopp, Mia Maycock, Charlotte Neal, Grace Palmer, Tom Perks, Megan Plover, Conor Preston, Jamie Reynolds, Tom Sixsmith, Mia Yeomans.

Year 9:
Ellie Burgin, Ellie-Mai Harrison, Thomas Hill, Leo Hines, Dennis Ho, Emily Lancaster, Dan Paxton, Leah Potts, Rhian Price, Jamie Richards, Samuel Scarbrough, Owen Stothert, Mille Webb.

Year 8:
Emily Beddow, Daisy Carter, Harry Mallender, Erika Montford, Emily Murray-Jackson, Matt Sandles, Ellie Tucker.

Year 7:
Jacob Fox-Bailey, Joseph Garland, Olivia Hann, Ollie Hateley, Logan Ho, Daisy Holian, Kristian Horobin, Emma Mackenzie, Lauren Mason, Hattie Mills, Evie Preece, Ellie Reynolds, Lola Rice, Oliver Rogers, Billy Smith, Zak Stone, Cameron Thain, Zander Webb, Kyran Wiles, Jack Yeomans.

Outstanding Behaviour Awards:

There were over 100 students who received this award with the biggest group being the Year 7 girls.

Most House Points:

This award is for the Easter Term and adds to the individual and House totals which decide who takes part in the Rewards Day at the end of the Summer Term:

Year 11:
Hannah Elson, Taine Garner, James Mackenzie, Lydia Miles, Tom Porter, Lucy Stothert, Ginnie-May Turner, Tom Williams.

Year 10:
Scarlett Britton, Charlie Brown, Harry Davey, Jacob Llewellyn-Allsopp, Lauren Jarratt, Isobel Milne, Megan Plover, Jamie Reynolds.

Year 9:
Amelia Fradley, Jamie Gregory, Aaron Hope, Emily Lancaster, Emmie Luker, Rhian Price, Jamie Richards, Owen Stothert.

Year 8:
Oakley Ashby, Noah Bailey, Emily Beddow, Sam Eggington, Tom Elmore, Hermoine Hughes, Helena Sixsmith, Lily Sperryn.

Year 7:
Eisha Acheson, Joseph Garland, Phoebe Hanson, Ollie Hateley, Kristian Hateley, Rosie Murray, Cameron Thain, Hayley Wyatt.

Tutor Awards:

These awards are nominated by the form tutors and reflect their view on the individual’s strong contribution to form and House activities over the last term:

11 G1 – Greg Bilinski & Lucy Stothert
11 G2 – Tom Williams & Lydia Hudson
10 G1 – Jacob Eggington & Mia Yeomans
10 G2 – Ethan Hughes & Alice Summers
9 G1 – Sam Scarbrough & Emily Lancaster
9 G2 – Jamie Richards & Megan Jones
8 G1 – Matt Sandles & Joanne Carr
8 G2 – Sam Eggington & Helena Sixsmith
7 G1 – Oliver Rogers & Ellie Reynolds
7 G2 – Joseph Garland & Rosie Murray

Steve Cartner, Head of Garrick House, said: “I am incredibly proud of the exceptional range of talent, commitment and enthusiasm shown by so many students in my House. This assembly was particularly special as we got to say a House goodbye to our Year 11s who have proved to be great role models for the House.”