Unfortunately, there will be some increases in the prices in the school canteen which will come into effect from June 2019.

These changes are related to increases in the minimum wage, related NI and pension costs, as well as rises in utility bills. Additionally, we have been holding off price rises due to the increased costs of foodstuffs and cannot do so any longer.

We have also checked out the prices of neighbouring schools and are confident that our prices are on par, and in many cases lower, than what is charged elsewhere.

Furthermore, the price of main meal deals are largely tied to Free School Meal funding so we will retain the set menu provision within this limit which benefits everyone.

Elsewhere, we will continue to offer wrap-around provision, with breakfast and after-school opening, which was introduced in response to parental requests.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Any price increase is disappointing but, running under the same conditions as all local food outlets, we are facing increasing costs that we cannot cover out of the main school budget. We have carefully checked our prices against other local primary and secondary schools and are confident we offer a great level of service and the popularity of the canteen adds strength to this view.”