On first glance, our concourse looked like Mr Cain had been crowned X-Factor Champion and was being mobbed, but closer inspection revealed mannequins showing options for the new school skirt were on display and girls had the chance to vote on the one they prefer.

The skirts were all in a tartan-style design – which was by far the most popular on social media and in discussions in school and is common in many schools – but female students got to vote on their preferences with colours, patterns and styles all being talked about.

The girls’ opinion is being canvassed and is contributing to decision-making, alongside securing availability, making sure they are waist-adjustable so can last longer, and related items like ties are thought about too. Certainly, the school supplier is promising skirts will be in stock by July and students have rightly pointed out that the tartan design will impact on ties, which will be tweaked to avoid a colour clash.

The initial skirts will have to be designed and made in the UK – which will impact on price in the first year – but future runs would be less expensive and the school will look to subsidise skirts bought in year one too for current students.

Of course, lots of things will remain the same; blazer options, regulation school trousers, shorts / blouses, current footwear, etc.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “It was great to see the girls’ excitement this morning, and we have appreciated the widespread positive feedback we have received on this decision from parents We are always looking to raise standards at the school and, though change is rarely popular with everyone, this does not mean it is not the right thing to do. The bar on mobile phones got a little criticism but the impact has been wholly positive, with other local schools following suit, so there is no reason to suggest this step will be any different.”