Despite the pressures of lots of girls tied into ‘Encore’ rehearsals, both Year 7 and 8 managed to pull scratch teams together for the District Netball competitions and against the odds pulled of creditworthy performances.

The Year 8 team had a mix of results – wins, draws and defeats – but the team worked together amazingly well in the circumstances and played their hearts out. Reinforcements next year should bring an even better outcome, but the girls certainly impressed.

Likewise, the Year 7 team, in their first tournament, pulled off a series of wins and came 4th overall in a 10-term competition.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “I am grateful that the PE staff pulled teams together for the tournament as it was a tough task with so many conflicts with the ‘Encore’ shows. Even so, the girls who attended performed superbly and were a real credit to the school. We are very proud of them.”