On Thursday 21st March, all Y12 English Literature students went on a trip to the Guildhall in Lichfield to attend a workshop run in partnership with the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum and the University of Keele.

Lecturer, Dr Nick Seager, led the two-hour workshop looking at the evolution of print from the 17th Century onwards.

There were a range of fantastic primary sources available for students to interact with as well as some practical based activities looking at the production and distribution of print materials ranging from play advertisements to novels to sermons.

Mrs Male, A-Level English Literature teacher, said: “It was a wonderful opportunity for our A-Level students to work with a range of unique primary sources which will give them a fantastic context to the background of their NEA (coursework) investigations. The afternoon was an invaluable opportunity to work at a higher level and give the students an insight into possible routes for a higher education standard of literature study.”