On March 1st, 2019 I travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada, to attend the IPIC conference. On the first day in Vegas, we were advised to visit the famous Las Vegas strip and take some photos for the IPI Member social media pages. Here are some of the pictures I took on my visit.

Then on the Sunday we checked in for the conference at the M resort. The main conference started on Monday morning. For the next three days I participated in social media marketing and digital marketing workshops and lessons where I learnt how businesses use social media, website building and film making to promote their products and build a consumer audience. Here are some photos of the workshops, keynote speaker talks and classes I attended.


I attended six workshops, five ‘Live Learning’ talks and two competition events that were held between all the conference members.


The lead competition depended on which of the three teams attended the most workshops and trade shows and who took the best photographs at two iconic places in Las Vegas; Las Vegas Downtown and Celebrity Cars. My team won!








I learned a lot about marketing and how businesses are run from my experience and hope to learn even more about it in the future.