We are currently looking at making some changes to the school uniform as part of our continuous pursuit of higher standards and to further develop a professional culture for our students to take forward into formal interviews and the workplace.

There is a mix of evidence related to the importance of school uniform but as a school it is something we value. It sets a formal tone to school life, it establishes a school identity, it is an equalizer in a community of very mixed incomes, it reduces peer pressure, it negates the costs of multiple school outfits, and it usually reduces distraction.

We have spoken with our students and contacted parents several times over the last year regarding issues relating to uniform; whether it be discussing House colours and awards with students, or appealing to parents of female students not to purchase micro-skirts for school, so the likely changes will not come as any real surprise. Equally, conversations with parents and students reveal broad support, or at least realistic understanding and acceptance of change.

We are looking towards:

  • a standard skirt for all students so that parents can be clear on what we judge acceptable and students benefit from formality and uniformity across the school.
  • an enforcement of the existing rule on ‘suit-style’ trousers – so not the skinny or ‘fashionably’ short trousers that a small minority of parents unfortunately buy for their children.
  • a new style of tie that can better integrate House colours and awards.
  • a ban on ‘fake / extended nails’ which are growing in popularity and are causing increasing problems in sports, Music, ICT, DT, etc.

We are finalising arrangements over the next few weeks and will notify parents so that they will have several months to make the necessary changes. Naturally, we will be crystal clear on final decisions and work with local school uniform providers to ensure they are equipped to deal with demand in the Summer Term in readiness for September.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are fortunate that the vast majority of our parents have been ready to support any changes we bring in knowing if we are doing it then it is because we believe it will make a difference. Uniform is one of those things that we can never win 100% with. There will always be different opinions, one person’s shoe is another person’s trainer, but we always make our decisions based on careful consideration and this time will be no different.”