Over a hundred Friary students received a free ice cream on 15th March for their hard work and achievement during the last half-term.

Many of the students were from Seward House, who led the way in House Points in the half-term from January.

Lucy Richardson, in Year 8, said: “It’s nice to have a treat as a reward. To earn House Points I’ve been working hard, participating in activities and helping out where I can.”

Jamie Richards, in Year 9, added: “It’s simply the best idea to have ice cream, and a little time of lesson to eat it, as a reward. It’s also really nice having a letter to take home to parents saying how well you’ve done. It gets you in your parents’ good books!”

There is intense competition between the Houses to be in pole position in time for the end of year Rewards Day. Overall, Darwin House retain a slender lead at this point of the year. However, for now, the students were happy to be rewarded for their recent efforts, courtesy of Cannock Dairies.

“We’re incredibly proud of the achievements and efforts of all the rewarded pupils,” said Mr Drury, Assistant Headteacher. “It was wonderful to see them enjoying their well-earned treat.”