World Book Day is the world’s biggest campaign to provide every child and young person in the country with a book of their own and is a celebration of the books and stories that inspire and engage children across the world.

This year at the Friary School the School Librarian, Mrs Cresswell, ran a competition called Title Quest.

Every member of staff was allocated a book title on a sticker to wear for the day. Students picked up a competition sheet from the library and tried to match book titles to members of staff.

The competition was very close – with the winner only 1 point better off than the runner-up – and the £15 Amazon Gift Card went to Elli Delaney (Y8)

Jason Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Our library is an important part of school life and it was great to see a buzz about World Book Day as staff were approached to find out their book title sticker. The titles ranged from Mr Allman’s ‘Absolute Power’ to Mr Rose’s ‘Little Dorrit’ so there was great variety and the message was very much pushed that it is fun to read.”