The Royal Mail had dedicated four Post boxes around the UK to some of Britain’s greatest romantic wordsmiths for Valentines day 2019.

One of these is in Lichfield (outside McDonalds) for Anna Seward so naturally this has sent Seward House into a furore.

All info can be found on the Express & Star website here:

The initiative is all part of the Royal Mail hoping to rekindle a fondness for the handwritten love letter this Valentine’s Day, by dedicating postboxes to some of Britain’s greatest romantic wordsmiths. Consequently, quotes from the works of poets John Keats and Anna Seward, novelist Thomas Hardy and bard Robert Burns will adorn four red post-boxes throughout the UK.

Seward House have been set the challenge to take a selfie with the post box – bonus House Points if they can get parents / siblings involved.

Richard, Havill, Head of House, said: ”It is fantastic that Anna Seward has been recognised as a national figure to herald the return of the love letter and we are already getting the selfies rolling in. Look out for the dedicated post-box when you are in town and maybe you can send your Valentine’s message via that very post-box.”